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A 'Maximum fine gold' custom iPhone XS Max will cost you over $15,000

Russian luxury accessory producer Caviar has introduced a luxury line of premium iPhone XS Max units that have been given an external upgrade using precious metals and diamonds, including one model that uses solid gold and sells for over $15,000.

Caviar's Maximum Collection are all based on the iPhone XS Max, with the company electing only to offer the highest 512GB-capacity models in its range. The iPhones themselves are exactly the same as the standard models, except for the rear casing, which is replaced by one of a number of upscaled versions to make them a more luxurious device.

The Maximum Invincible model is billed as a design reminiscent of durable objects, such as a tank or armor, with mock rivets and plates on the rear. The casing is made from a 1-millimeter plate of hardened titanium, which is claimed to be able to stop a bullet.

Using carbon instead of glass on the back panel, the Maximum Ultralight is lighter than the standard iPhone XS Max, making the unit 8 grams lighter than the Apple-supplied model. The back uses a a textured diamond pattern, which the company says gives it a "special modern style."

On the more expensive end of the range, the Maximum Diamonds version is a combination of black PVD coating and diamonds, with 400 of the gems applied in a pattern on the rear of the iPhone.

There are two Gold models in the collection, with the Maximum Gold featuring a gold-plated casing, while the Maximum Fine Gold version is made of a solid gold panel weighing 150 grams.

The Caviar Maximum range starts from $5,200 for the Maximum Ultralight, with the Invincible selling for $5,500, and the Maximum Diamonds for $9,890. The Maximum Gold costs $5,960, and the Maximum Fine Gold is the most expensive at $15,340.

All models are supplied in a wooden lacquered case lined with black velvet, authenticity and company warranty certificates, a USB cable, and a charger. Obviously, there's no way to get service at an Apple store given the modifications to the device that Caviar has made.