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Nomad launches Shell Cordovan strap for Apple Watch

Accessory maker Nomad has released a new genuine Shell Cordovan leather strap just in time for the Apple Watch Series 4.

Nomad Shell Cordovan Apple Watch Strap

Nomad Shell Cordovan Apple Watch strap

Shell Cordovan, a high-end leather often used in shoes or wallets, is a rarity in the Apple Watch strap market, though not unseen. It takes a long time to create, six-months in the case of Horween —the Chicago leather tannery used by Nomad.

Each band is handcrafted during a six-month tanning process, sewn together with Fil Au Chinois beeswax linen thread, and finished with 316L gauge stainless steel lugs and buckle. Like other leathers, it wears over time, creating a unique look and patina through the aging process.

Nomad Shell Cordovan Apple Watch strap with stainless steel buckle

Nomad's custom lugs that are a bit bulkier than most that we've seen and as a result, give the Apple Watch a slightly different shape. These limited edition straps also have a unique design on the underside showing the raw finish of the Shell Cordovan leather.

Nomad Shell Cordovan Apple Watch strap

The new Shell Cordovan Apple Watch straps are available for the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch models and come exclusively in black.

They can be purchased now from Nomad's website for $149.95.

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