Police contracted to guard Apple Stores in Sacramento following theft spree

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Apple has contracted a number of police departments in Sacramento, California to station officers at some Apple Stores, in a bid to increase security at its retail outlets following a long string of robberies by crews in the state.

Members of the Sacramento police will be stationed at the glass doors at the front of Apple Stores as part of the heightened security measures, reports CBS Sacramento. While the report specifies it is taking place in the Sacramento region, Apple is noted to have contacted several police departments, with similar initiatives potentially taking place in other areas.

The presence is also thought to provide assurance to customers that they will be safe, in the event someone attempts to steal the high-priced merchandise. While the police officers attending stores increases safety for patrons, the measure isn't costing the taxpayer anything, as Apple is paying the officers as part of a private contracting agreement.

Many stores based on malls already have a level of protection offered by mall security, but they are unable to perform their duties outside the mall property itself. Police officers are able to pursue further afield than mall security, with a greater chance of apprehending the thief or thieves.

The beefed-up security follows a spate of thefts at numerous Apple Store locations across the state over the last few months. The thefts have been quite brazen at times, with videos showing teams entering the store and acquiring goods before departing, and some stores being hit multiple times in a short space of time.

Multiple arrests have been made over the thefts, with charges brought against 17 individuals on September 30 for conspiracy to commit grand theft. It is estimated that the thefts have cost the stores more than $1 million in lost merchandise.


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