Six 2018 iPad Pro models spotted in app analytics data

Renders of new iPad Pros, allegedly based on leaked CAD images.

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More signs that new iPad Pro models are on the way have surfaced, with an app analytics platform claiming to see logs of model identifiers for unreleased models for the tablet, labels that seemingly correlate with other rumors about the 2018 refresh.

Mobile analytics firm Appsee claims the model identifiers "iPad8,1," "iPad8,2," "iPad8,3," "iPad8,4," "iPad8,5," and "iPad8,8" have recently started to appear on its platform. The identifiers first surfaced on Monday, with the identifiers in the latest report joined by two other labels, namely the missing two from the set: "iPad8,6" and "iPad8,7"

Appsee has yet to spot any references to "iPad8,6" or "iPad8,7" in its logs, but it is likely that the models still exist, if not being used in a way that it could be seen by third-party analytics systems.

The logs also suggest there are two different resolutions of iPad Pro display in use, and that they are the same as the existing 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models. While the logs indicate the potential resolution, it isn't able to determine the physical dimensions of each device, which rumors suggest could have a similar screen size but with a smaller bezel, resulting in an overall reduction in size, or for the 10.5-inch model to have a bigger 11-inch screen while staying physically similar to its predecessor.

The lower four model identifiers apparently have the resolution of 1,112 by 834 points and the upper two have 1,366 by 1,024 points. As the iPad Pro use a high-resolution @2x modifier, MacRumors reports, the actual resolutions are doubled, resulting in 2,224 by 1,668 and 2,732 by 2,048 respectively.

The figures also suggest the screens will have the same 4:3 aspect ratios as the current models, despite any potential changes in size.

Rumors suggest the 2018 iPad Pro will use Face ID instead of the Home Button, borrowing the concept used in the iPhone XS. Rather than using the notch aesthetic, the tablets are likely to insert the TrueDepth camera system into the bezel.

It is also rumored the new models will be capable of supporting 4K HDR output to external displays and TVs, using an integrated USB-C port. A new Settings panel will apparently enable control over the outputted resolution, brightness, and enabling and disabling HDR. Other rumors have hinted at Apple replacing Lightning with USB-C to support higher bandwidth applications.

There is also the suggestion the Smart Connector will be replaced by a new "Magnetic Connector, repositioned to the rear and close to the base of the device. The new connector could support new accessories beyond the usual keyboard, though what these could be remain unknown.

Apple is expected to announce a new slate of iPad Pro models at a special event later this month. Check out AppleInsider's analysis of the presumed October event for more details.