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Plex adds Tidal integration, adds subscription bundles for both services

Media software developer Plex has enabled its users to stream Tidal through the app alongside their existing music collection, with the partnership also offering users a bundle deal that combines the two services together in a single plan that could save some customers money over buying them separately.

In the tie-up between Plex and Tidal, Plex Pass subscribers are able to access the streaming music service's entire 60 million-track and 244,000 video catalog from the Plex apps. Initially it is available from the mobile apps and online, with expansion to other platforms expected to follow.

Once a Tidal account is linked to Plex, the various Plex-based functions will take into account both the Tidal catalog as well as the user's own collection. Playlists from Plex Discovery and Artist Radio will use tracks from both sources, with music the user owns able to influence Tidal tracks that surface under the discovery features, and for Tidal track to fill in missing sections of the user's collection.

Depending on the customer, the partnership can save some users a fairly decent amount of money, via a selection of bundles. The Plex and Tidal Premium bundle costs $9.99 per month or $8.99 for existing Plex Pass users, whereas separately Plex Pass costs $3.33 per month paid on an annual basis and Tidal's Premium service costs $9.99 per month.

Potentially larger savings are available for those electing for the Tidal HiFi and Plex Pass bundle, which offers lossless audio quality for part of its music collection, for $19.99 to new users or $18.99 per month to existing Plex Pass subscribers. Tidal HiFi usually costs $19.99 per month, effectively making the Plex Pass free in the bundle.

The move is likely to be useful to both services. While Tidal is opened up to a new audience with the temptation of an integrated music service, Plex takes one more step towards its goal of making its media center software a single point of access for all of a user's content.

Previous additions to the Plex service includes personalized Plex News, live TV support, and in May, Plex Podcasts.