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Apple finally releases the $39 iPhone XR Clear Case

Apple's iPhone XR Clear Case

The iPhone XR Clear Case is now available, and is the first case produced by Apple for the model, after a month of nothing official from the company.

Designed to fit the 2018 model, the iPhone XR Clear Case is a transparent case that offers extra protection for the mobile device, while still allowing the iPhone's casing to be easily visible. The case offers protection to the back and sides of the iPhone X, with a cutout section on the back to expose the single rear camera and the flash.

The case is produced with a blend of optically-clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials, allowing it to easily slip on and fit over the buttons, while still maintaining some rigidity. A scratch-resistant coating has also been applied to both the interior and exterior, minimizing any scratches that would impair the appearance of the iPhone within the case.

Apple is selling the iPhone XR Clear Case for $39.

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone XR, it appeared Apple would be putting the clear case on sale at the same time as the device itself, but the case failed to materialize. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max did have cases available at launch, including a variety of leather, silicone and folio options in various colors.

The delay in Apple's case release has allowed other accessory producers to fill the void with their own iPhone XR cases. Along with clear cases similar to Apple's version, third-party vendors have come up with an assortment of designs, including folio, leather, and opaque cases.