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Bad Lip Reading skewers Apple's keynotes in latest video

Bad Lip Reading, known for lampooning everything from political speeches to sports games, has taken on Apple in its latest YouTube video, skewering company executives over the course of several product keynotes.

Bad Lip Reading of Apple's keynotes
Bad Lip Reading of Apple's keynotes

The video, running just over four minutes, follows CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi as they introduce a range of outlandish products such as the "Lickamaforbus" guitar, the "Handsome Anthony" android, "Apple Wings" chicken wings and more.

Bad Lip Reading humorously takes Apple to task for its overuse of superlatives, as seen in the introduction of the new "Apple Hole" that is described as "the worlds fanciest tetra-fusion hole." The video also includes such made up verbiage as "Garfenafuten Tuten-Jute Exiobalexis" or Garf Exi for short.

With spot-on dubbing typical of Bad Lip Reading, the entire video poking fun at Apple's much-hyped press events is certainly worth a watch.