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Netatmo debuts stylish HomeKit-enabled Smart Video Doorbell

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell with HomeKit support

In what is shaping up as a race to be the first HomeKit doorbell to market, Netatmo took its stab at the niche segment and debuted its new Smart Video Doorbell at CES 2019.

The new Smart Video Doorbell is similar to many others on the market that feature a camera on top, speaker/mic in the center, and a button below for visitors to ring.

Thanks to Apple HomeKit, whenever someone rings the doorbell, a rich notification appears where users can tap to jump right into the Home app. They can even ask Siri to show them who is at the door. The camera sports a 160-degree lens and records video in 1080p.

There is a built-in motion sensor, which is also tied to HomeKit. Automation rules can be configured to turn trigger actions like turning on the porch lights whenever motion is detected.

Aside from HomeKit, Netatmo's device is able to tap into IFTTT for additional apps and services.

One downside is the fact that this product is designed as a doorbell replacement, which means it needs a wired connection to function.

Unlike other video doorbells on the market, Netatmo requires no subscription. Video is stored on a microSD card within the device and can be accessed from within the app. Currently, HomeKit doesn't offer its own support for recorded video playback.

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell will be available in the second half of 2019.

This isn't the first HomeKit doorbell we've seen thus far. Netherlands-based Robin Telecom also claims to be releasing its ProLine video doorbell in the first half of 2019, ahead of Netatmo.

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