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TP-Link to finally bring Apple HomeKit to Kasa smart plugs

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Electronics maker TP-Link is introducing HomeKit support to its smartplugs starting in early 2019, potentially providing a significant boost to Apple's platform.

The Kasa Smart Plug Mini will be first model to gain support, TP-Link said. The company didn't indicate whether any other existing Kasa accessories would follow suit, or whether it's planning to offer HomeKit in upcoming products like its wall outlet, outdoor plug, security cameras, or video doorbell.

Though smartplugs by the likes of iDevices and Belkin already feature HomeKit, the Kasa Smart Plug Mini could become crucial to the platform because of TP-Link's deals with Amazon. The latter regularly sells the Mini for just $15 when people buy an Echo speaker, so many homes may suddenly find themselves with a new reason to use HomeKit.

HomeKit developments are making some waves at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Above all is the addition of AirPlay 2 to TVs by the likes of Samsung and Vizio, bringing Siri and HomeKit alongside it. HomeKit will allow automations as well as manual control of things like power, volume, and inputs.

Samsung is going a step further, incorporating a native iTunes app into its software. Until now iTunes has been restricted to Apple hardware and a Windows app.

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