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Aura Band adds additional health tracking smarts to Apple Watch

The Aura Band is a new Apple Watch strap that debuted during CES and aims to give additional health information to the user. AppleInsider tries it on.

Apple Watch already does a lot between measuring your steps, workouts and heart rate. That doesn't mean there aren't any health metrics left to measure. Enter, Aura Band.

Aura Band is a simple strap for your Apple Watch that incorporates sensors — built into two metal components — in a colorful rubberized strap. The device can measure body composition, track hydration levels and evaluate the risk of heart failure, then display that data right on Apple Watch.

In our demo, we saw body fat, muscle and hydration levels displayed.

Aura Band uses bioimpedance technology, with a 4-point electrode system to track weight loss and other changes throughout your body. Taking a measurement is as easy as taking any of Apple Watch's own measurements. Open the Aura watch app, push the button on the strap, then hold the electrodes for five seconds. All data will be displayed and synced back to Apple's HealthKit.

Aura Band's creator says the device should be worn every day for better progress tracking and monitoring of heart issues. The downside is the band isn't all that attractive, made in bright colors that may not fit the taste of every user.

We will have to do more testing as it gets closer to launch to see how well the band's measurements perform over time.

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