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Apple may show modular Mac Pro, new external 6K Pro display at WWDC 2019

The 2013 Mac Pro doesn't have many upgrade options.

Beyond new software, Apple may reportedly use this June's WWDC 2019 to showcase a promised modular Mac Pro and a new standalone monitor.

The monitor is codenamed "J290," and will support high dynamic range (HDR), Bloomberg said on Monday. Connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the display could measure 31.6 inches, and incorporate mini LED backlighting.

Apple has only been "considering " premiering the new Mac Pro, said the report, the same one pointing to revamped Messages, Books, Health, and Reminders features in iOS 13.

A WWDC reveal was rumored earlier this year. The computer itself may only ship in 2020, and use a stacking system based on proprietary connectors. This would let people buy a "brain" module and only add what they need, such as GPUs or extra storage.

That would solve a common complaint about the Mac ecosystem, which is that Apple sometimes forces buyers into getting more than they need through its insistence on streamlined, all-in-one designs. It's often possible to build a speedier Windows machine for the same price, primarily because Apple often lets "pro" specifications trail behind — the last major Mac Pro refresh was in 2013. Most Windows desktops can be upgraded at will, but how many "professional" users actually do so isn't clear.