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Review: Adonit Note is an affordable Apple Pencil alternative

Adonit Note

3.5 / 5

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The Adonit Note is an Apple Pencil alternative for the sixth generation iPad, iPad mini 5, third generation iPad Air, as well as the 2018 iPad Pro lineup. Should you pick this up?

Adonit Note in Black and Gold

The Adonit Note is a great alternative for those who want an entry to Apple's Pencil ecosystem. It doesn't officially state that it's using Apple's Pencil technology, but it works like one.

Just like the Logitech Crayon, you don't need to toggle Bluetooth on and connect the pen, just turn the Note on and you're connected immediately.

The Adonit Note mimics a fine pen. It is sleek and lightweight, making it a good choice for for jotting down notes. The Note comes in two different colors, black, and gold, with both colors having a copper color accent.

There's a power button about a third way up the barrel of the pen. That location is prone to pressing accidentally, which is unfortunate.

You have to make compromises for its price

The tip of the pen is also removable just like the Apple Pencil, but unfortunately Adonit didn't include an extra tip in the box. A pack of three will be available for $15 in the near future.

Adonit Note in Black and Gold
Adonit Note in Black and Gold

A micro-USB port is used to charge the battery, and Adonit says you can get an hour of use in just 4 minutes. We wish that the charging port was Lightning or USB-C, but unfortunately we're left with micro-USB in 2019.

We've only had the pen for a week, and so far we've only had to charge the pen once.

Adonit Note with Apple Pencil, and Logitech Crayon
Adonit Note with Apple Pencil, and Logitech Crayon

It's not for illustrators

Lacking pressure sensitivity, the Adonit Note isn't really an accessory for digital artists. It does offer tilt just like the Logitech Crayon. It also offers palm rejection technology so you won't have any erroneous input when drawing or jotting down notes.

Using the Adonit Note on our 2018 iPad Pro, we didn't really notice a huge difference in latency between the second-generation Apple Pencil, or Logitech Crayon. The Adonit Note feels a lot more natural to us than the Logitech Crayon, and a bit better than the Apple Pencil due to size and build.

Writing on iPad Pro 2018
Writing on iPad Pro 2018

If you're in the market for a stylus for your brand new iPad, definitely consider checking out the Adonit Note, but just be aware of the compromises you'll run into such as charging with micro-USB, and the not having pressure sensitivity like the Apple Pencil.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy

Check out Amazon for all three options. The Adonit Note retails for just $49, while the Apple Pencil rings in at $129, and the Logitech Crayon sells for $49.