Health Canada tells users to ask Apple when they'll get the Watch ECG app

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The federal health organization is telling users that as far as it's concerned, Apple's ECG feature has been approved, so now it's just up to Apple when Series 4 Apple Watches in the region will get it.

Apple Watch Series 4 users in Canada are still waiting for the ECG feature to be launched, and now Health Canada is telling people to press Apple about it. The Canadian government's health department has been replying to tweets saying that it has approved the feature and implying that it is now down to Apple to bring it to Watches in Canada.

According to iPhone in Canada, the Canadian government has been providing occasional updates over Twitter, but has now specifically directed readers to Apple.

"Health Canada has recently approved two licences for the Apple Watch ECG app and notifications," says @GovCanHealth on Twitter. "For more information on product release dates in Canada, please contact the manufacturer directly."

The ECG function launched in the US in December 2018 and then in Europe and Hong Kong in March 2019.

Apple confirmed in May 2019 that Health Canada had approved the feature and said that the function would be released there "as quickly as possible."


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