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ICYMI: Sonos speakers, smart lights, Pokemon and more

Each week, there are a ton of great products that get released that we don't have time to cover. Here are our top picks for new gear from the last seven days you should check out, including new arrives in Apple Stores, Sonos/IKEA AirPlay 2 speakers and LIFX HomeKit bulbs.

Sonos and IKEA Symfonisk speakers

Sonos and IKEA Symfonisk speakers

Sonos & Ikea speakers

Sonos and Ikea have paired up for a new line of affordable smart speakers dubbed Symfonisk. The new speakers are now available in Ikea stores and come with many smart features such as AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support.

They also include Sonos's Signature sound. We will have much more on these in the coming days.

New to Apple Store

These aren't new releases per se, but Netgear Orbi routers as well as Lego Hidden Side sets are now available in Apple Stores.

After discontinuing its own AirPort router line, Apple has been slowly bringing in other routers into its retail outlets, starting with the Linksys Velop line. Now shoppers have an alternative.

LEGO Hidden Side building set

LEGO Hidden Side building set

The Lego Hidden Side building sets are unique because of the augmented reality component that allows kids to unlock additional secrets using their iOS device.

Pokemon swag

Casetify has launched a whole new line of Pokemon accessories including cases, decals, and more.

They are outfitted with the Pokemon name and feature in different pokemon such as Pikachu.

Casetify Pokemon line

Casetify Pokemon line

The entire line can be picked up through the company's website.

Other notable releases

Some gear we have already covered this week, but we've collected them here if you missed them.