Apple 'Nice' Face ID ad song usage was like winning 'a major award'

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The voice behind the 'Nice, so nice' soundbite played in the recent iPhone Face ID commercial, producer Latroit, revealed he was overjoyed by the inclusion of the song 'Nice' on the ad's soundtrack, likening it to winning an award.

The inclusion of a song in an Apple ad can be a major thing for musicians, both financially and in personal accomplishment. An interview with DJ and producer Dennis White, also known as Latroit, by Variety shows that in the case of the Face ID commercial, it fell into the latter of the two columns.

First aired in July, the iPhone TV ad "Nap" aimed to show how Face ID was able to be used with minimal effort featuring a man relaxing on an auto-reclining chair and unlocking his iPhone XR. The soundtrack for the ad was "Nice" by Latroit, a track first recorded in 2016, and features the utterance "Nice, so nice."

"We were just kidding around in the studio, and I was just making a joke when we were making the song," White advised of the sentence. "It's funny, the idea that a little bit take in the studio three years ago ended up in a commercial like this."

White was informed by publisher Kobalt about Apple's request to license the track in May, but wasn't informed about what the commercial was for. In early July he was sent a link to the spot by his manager.

"I was screaming in this apartment I was renting, just running around," admits Latroit. "That was the triumph. I haven't been been congratulated for something this much since I won that Grammy last year. It felt like I had won a major award, and it's interesting that it comes across that way to anybody who hears about this achievement."

"It is a life event."


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