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Here are the best AirPods cases

Various AirPods cases

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AirPods charging case covers are becoming more and more prevalent. Not only do nearly all major accessory makers now have their own spin on them, but Apple is even carrying a select few in its brick and mortar retail locations. We're putting popular options to the test to round up the best AirPods case covers currently on sale.

Instead of shelling out for a no-name one off Amazon with questionable origins, here is our personal collection of AirPods cases and which ones we prefer.

The good thing about all these cases is that there isn't a single one on the list we wouldn't recommend. They all hold up, look great, and some even offer additional features.

Updated 3/10/21 with new cases from Casely.

Do you need a cover for your AirPods case?

We've heard our fair share of opinions on AirPods case covers and they are stilling somewhat surprisingly decisive. Some are absolutely against covering your case for your headphones and see no point. Others are all-in and won't go without.

We fall somewhere in between. The glossy white finish of the AirPods case is easy to cover in micro abrasions — i.e. tiny scratches — after just being tossed in a pocket for a few minutes. If you really want to keep the case pristine and protect the case from more devastating drops, a case is crucial.

On the other hand, keeping a case on a well-designed product can be irksome. They usually add a bit of bulk and some look very very bad. Purists shun the case.


Casely has several fun, quirky, colorful case designs for AirPods and we checked out two of them. There is a butterfly pattern as well as a starry pattern.

Casely AirPods cases
Casely AirPods cases

We are suckers for cases that use a clear shell with the pattern printed atop. It allows you to see the white case on the inside but it's overlaid with colorful butterflies. These cases also have a round clip on the side to tether them to your bag.

Then we have the stars which are a lovely periwinkle blue. These cases are simple but do what they need to do while looking great.

Pick up these two styles — or any of the others — from Casely for $20.


Nomad is the company to beat when it comes to premium Apple accessories. Its vision for an AirPods case is a shell wrapped in Horween leather. The leather ages beautifully, as you can see from our well-worn model.

Nomad Rugged AirPod case
Nomad Rugged AirPods case

The Rugged AirPods Case comes in two pieces — one for the lid, one for the body — that both stay put well. Currently, while the case supports wireless charging, it doesn't yet have any way to view the status LED on the second-generation set of AirPods.

It comes in brown, black, and natural leather colors for $29.95.

Where to buy

Both B&H and Nomad direct stock the protective AirPod case cover.

Twelve South

Twelve South was early to the party with its original AirSnap case. The case has a metal clip on the end to secure it to a bag or keychain and is too made of leather.

Twelve South AirSnap in twill
Twelve South AirSnap in twill

It was available in several colors but felt a little too bulky for our liking and didn't love the feel of the leather.

Twelve South changed our mind though with the introduction of the brand new AirSnap Twill. Available in light or dark color ways, it is a different material we didn't see mac of and — in our opinion — looks better than the original.

Where to buy

Several retailers stock TwelveSouth's AirSnap case in Twill, including Amazon, B&H and of course, TwelveSouth directly. The cover retails for $34.99.


Alto Italian leather AirPods cases
Alto Italian leather AirPods cases

Alto has outstanding iPhone cases with supple and luxurious Italian aniline dyed leathers. The colors are distinct from the blacks, browns, and greys we often see.

There is a "Living Coral" red, a "Cement" light grey, (of course) a "Raven" black, and a "Caramel" brown. They've employed a similar design methodology as Nomad though the plastic shell is a big less noticeable with the thinner line running around the edge.

Unlike Nomad, they do have a small pinhole in the front of the case that makes it easy to see the LED status light. The hole is slightly larger than the LED so it has decent viewing angles but it isn't as easy to see as without the case on.

Where to buy

Any of the four colors can be found on Alto's site for $40.


Incase is one of two that are available in Apple Stores. There are four different color schemes, each using its well-known Woolenex material.

It is the only one in our lineup here that makes the button on the back accessible as well while the case is on, hidden behind the Incase leaf logo.

Incase Woolenex AirPods case in dark blue
Incase Woolenex AirPods case in dark blue

Unlike Nomad and Alto, this case has two lines of the plastic shell showing, around the edge of the front and the back.

A small pinhole lets the status LED shine through, but it is even smaller than Alto and can be difficult to see at steep angles.

Where to buy

Available exclusively at Apple, the Incase AirPods Case with Woolenex retails for $29.95.


ZenPod is unique because it also doubles as a fidget spinner. Thanks to metal discs on the front and back with bearings, the leather case can freely spin between two fingers.

ZenPod can also function as a fidget spinner
ZenPod can also function as a fidget spinner

The fidget spinner craze has passed, but adding it to your AirPods case is still a way to keep yourself occupied without having to keep a cheesy dedicated spinner around.

There is a non-spinner version too, which shares the same plastic shell wrapped in leather as the other. Importantly, though, the spinner version won't work with wireless chargers, so that could be a dealbreaker.

Where to buy

The ZenPod Spinning AirPods Case with a built-in fidget spinner sells for $24.99 at Amazon in your choice of three colors.


The Catalyst AirPods case is water tight and drop-proof
The Catalyst AirPods case is water tight and drop-proof

The Catalyst case is the only water resistant case on the list, and since it is made from silicone rather than metal or plastic, it will likely be the most durable as well.

Getting AirPods out of the case bit finicky — you have to pull back the rubber along the top. But, it does keep water out in the event of an accidental drop.

Combined with the carabiner, it is a very handy case to keep around and comes in several fun colors.

Where to buy

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods retails for $29.95, with free shipping or in-store pickup at Apple.

Pitaka AirPodPad

The AirPodPal from Pitaka is an easy way to add wireless charging to the first-generation AirPods.

Pitaka AirPodPal adds extra battery and wireless charging
Pitaka AirPodPal adds extra battery and wireless charging

It is certainly on the large size, but that is because it also bakes in a 1200mAh battery that will provide three times the battery life to AirPods, or as a battery pack to another device — such as your phone.

A clip on the back makes it easy to clip to the side of a bag, though it looks fairly dorky clipped onto a belt. The metal clip is removable and the body is formed from tough aramid fiber.

The plastic model retails for $49, while the premium aramid fiber version costs $79.

Where to buy

Pitaka is currently sold out of the AirPodPal, but stay tuned to their website for further updates.

There you have it. This roundup of the best AirPod case covers contains a variety of styles, from ultra luxurious to durable enough for use outdoors.