Apple fixes squid, mosquito, abacus, other emoji gaffes with iOS 13.1

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Apple's latest iOS 13.1 release addresses a few niggling emoji blunders introduced in past versions of the mobile operating system, including a widely publicized "upside down" squid character and an anatomically incorrect mosquito.

In total, Apple modified 24 emoji designs with Tuesday's release of iOS 13.1, according to a changelog aggregated by emoji-tracking website Emojipedia.

A squid is among the most notable updates.

In late 2018, a tweet from the Monterey Bay Aquarium pointed out what appeared to be an obvious flaw in Apple's decision to place a siphon on the cephalopod's "face." According to the aquarium, and others who sided with its close evaluation of the emoji, a squid's siphon should be located behind its head. As drawn by Apple, the funnel looked like a "weirdo nose."

It took more than nine months, but the siphon has finally been removed and is assumedly positioned in the correct spot opposite its face. The relief is palpable.

Two other animal-related emojis were tweaked in iOS 13.1, namely an octopus that benefits from new suckers attached to its front two arms and the mosquito, which gains an extra pair of legs for an anatomically-correct six appendages.

Apple shifted the abacus emoji from a horizontal orientation to vertical, a change that reflects a more accurate representation of how the calculating tool is used.

Also updated are certain smiley face emoji employing heart overlays, which now utilize standard red heart emoji designs instead of bespoke heart shapes. Apple further committed minor changes to its cow, boar, mouse, hedgehog, owl, tumbler glass, puzzle piece and party popper emoji. Skin tones of "woman facepalming" and the standard mermaid were also adjusted.

Apple released iOS 13.1 earlier today with a slew of new features including enhanced AirDrop functionality for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro handsets, Automations for Shortcuts, expanded Audio Sharing options and more.


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