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Apple Card PDF statements not itemized for some, fix coming soon

If you've checked your September Apple Card statement, you may have noticed itemized transactions missing.

Apple Card users who have checked their Apple Card PDF statements for September may notice that their statements are not itemized. While the Apple Card still shows itemized transactions within the Wallet app itself, the downloaded PDF currently shows a single monthly transaction, rather than an itemized list.

AppleInsider received a tip from a reader who noticed that their statements were not itemized. Staffers who own the Apple Card were able to recreate this problem upon checking their own statements.

We contacted Apple Card support through the Wallet app. Apple transferred us to a Goldman Sachs representative.

"We are aware that some PDF billing statements are not showing transaction level detail. Transaction details in the Wallet app are correct," said the Goldman Sachs representative. "The PDF Statements are being regenerated and will be available in Wallet later today."

The Apple Card is a collaborative effort between Apple and Goldman Sachs. According to an investor note, Goldman Sachs is spending somewhere in the ballpark of $350 per new Apple Card customer. Goldman Sachs is not expected to make a profit on Apple Card owners until they've been a customer for roughly four years.

Goldman Sachs has already reportedly spent over $275 million in 2019 alone on the Apple Card collaboration. This has resulted in a 0.6% reduction in the investment bank's equity return, according to the firm. Goldman Sachs' CFO has gone on record stating that he felt as though the Apple Card was a risk, and that "We'll continue to look at it on a risk-adjusted return basis."

Currently, the Apple Card cannot be linked to other financial apps, such as Mint. Instead, Apple offers its own financial planning interface that can be accessed by viewing the Apple Card on the iPhone Wallet app. Currently, it is unknown whether or not the Apple Card will be linkable to third-party financial apps in the future.