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Apple releases bug-fix update bringing iOS and iPadOS up to 13.1.3

Craig Federighi announcing iOS 13 at the 2019 WWDC

Apple has released another incremental update for iOS 13, with the rollout of iOS 13.1.3 to currently-supported iPhones and the iPod Touch alongside iPadOS 13.1.3 for iPads and the iPad Pro.

The update, released on Tuesday, raises the version number of iOS and iPadOS by one more increment to version 13.1.3 from version 13.1.2, which Apple released on September 30. As an incremental update, the release concentrates on providing bug fixes and improvements rather than adding new features.

For iOS, the update addresses an issue that can prevent an iPhone from ringing or vibrating for an incoming call, halts a problem that can prevent a user from opening a meeting invite in Mail, and fixes the Health app where data may not display correctly following the UK clock change from British Summer Time.

The update also fixes a few iCloud Backup-related issues, including one where Voice Memo recordings may not download after a restoration, as well as a more general bug for apps that fail to download after the same procedure. For the Apple Watch, pairing issues and notification problems are also corrected.

Bluetooth is listed under two corrections, including where it disconnects for certain vehicles, while the connection reliability has been improved for Bluetooth hearing aids and headsets. Lastly, it addresses launch performance issues for apps that use Game Center.

For iPadOS, the change list is shorter, consisting of the Mail, iCloud Backup, Bluetooth, and Game Center fixes. As of yet, there are no published CVE entries for the update, suggesting there are no security-related patches being applied at this time.

Weighing in at 108.6MB for iOS upgrades from iOS 13.1.2 and 71.4MB for iPadOS, users can update to the latest iOS and iPadOS release by entering the Settings app, selecting General, Software Update, and selecting to install the update. If users have automatic updates available, this will streamline the process for them.