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New Apple TV+ 'Servant' trailers released, series debut Nov. 28

Apple has released two new "Servant" teasers ahead of the series premiere in late November.

New Servant trailers

"Servant," produced by M. Night Shyamalan, is a 10-part mini-series that follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning. The unspeakable tragedy causes a rift in their marriage, which opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

M. Night Shyamalan has posted both trailers to Twitter.

The first trailer, a 16-second clip, titled "Leanne" is more of a mood-setter, rather than a first look. The teaser shows a young woman standing in a hallway as a voice over ominously discusses where the woman came from, with a voice remarking "She is a godsend." High pitched, discordant music helps to drive home the unsettling nature of the show.

The second, a 15-second clip, covers Leanne's interaction with a disturbingly lifelike doll, named Jericho, which has been featured in a previous trailer. The voice-over seems to imply that Jericho's "mother" is unaware Jericho is a doll.

Little is known about "Servant" at this point, as all teasers have been shorter and less informative compared to those of upcoming shows like "See" and "Dickinson."

Apple TV+ is set to launch on November 1 at the attractive price of $4.99 a month, bringing a top talent and a smorgasbord of exclusive content to the new platform.