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New Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11 line now available from Apple

iPhone 11 Pro Max cases in black, soft white, and pink sand

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Apple has launched three new Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, offering up to 50 percent more battery life to your preferred device.

The cases are similar to previous Smart Battery Case versions that Apple has released in the past. Each case features a microfiber-lined interior, soft-touch silicone exterior, and slides off via a soft elastomer hinge.

New to this line of cases, however, is a dedicated camera button that launches the Camera app regardless of whether or not the iPhone is unlocked. Quickly pressing the button will take a photo, while a long press will capture video.

The iPhone 11 line of smart battery cases are compatible with Qi-certified chargers. At maximum charge, the cases can give up to 50 percent longer battery life. There's an integrated feature that shows the battery status on the lock screen and Notification Center, which isn't available with non-Apple battery cases.

The case is also fast-charge compatible with any USB-PD compatible charger, and leaves the lightning port unobstructed so users can plug in their EarPods or Lightning-to-3.5 millimeter audio adapter.

Those interested in the cases can head to Apple's online store. The iPhone 11 case is available in soft white or black, while the iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases are available in soft white, black, and pink sand. All three retail for $129.

For a more affordable alternative to Apple's offerings, shoppers can pick up Mophie's Juice Pack Access Battery Case for the iPhone 11 for $63.96, a 20% discount with exclusive promo code INSIDER20 at ZAGG.