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Apple details how to install Mac Pro parts, upgrade RAM and more

Following a start to Mac Pro sales, Apple on Tuesday revamped a dedicated support webpage with new informational assets covering a range of Mac Pro-related topics including the upgrade of system memory, installation of PCIe cards and more.

Previously reserved for the cylindrical 2013 Mac Pro, Apple's support page was redesigned today with resources specific to the 2019 version that went up for sale today.

Sitting up top are links to pages for macOS support, backing up a Mac and migrating files from one Mac to another, subjects new users are likely to investigate when getting started with the machine.

A second section covers installation of parts both inside and outside the modular Mac. For example, Apple notes up to 1.5TB of memory — in configurations of 4, 6, 8 or 12 DIMMs — can be equipped across Mac Pro's 12 memory slots, while the computer's eight PCIe slots support a wide range of cards including up to two Mac Pro Expansion (MPX) modules.

Links to two videos illustrating proper installation of RAM and MPX modules are provided.

Apple also explains how to replace the I/O card and power supply, but warns users to contact a service provider to replace SSD modules and install chassis wheels.

Other topics covered in the document include the connection of multiple displays, a T2 Security Chip explainer, information about RAM types and an overview of supported PCIe cards.

Apple will likely add to the support document as the launch of Mac Pro nears.