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Apple TV app, AirPlay 2 to gain Dolby Atmos support on LG TVs in 2020

The Apple TV app released to select 2019 LG smart TVs in early February — but it launched without support for Dolby Atmos. Now, LG has announced that support is coming in 2020.

On February 3, LG announced owners of compatible televisions can access the Apple TV app and corresponding streaming service via the LG Home Launcher.

LG was the first partner to offer Dolby Vision streaming from within the Apple TV app, but Dolby Atmos support was missing. When asked, the company confirmed that it had support in the works.

"Support for Dolby Atmos will be coming later this year," LG told FlatpanelsHD, referring to both the Apple TV app and AirPlay 2.

No specific dates were given, so it's anyone's guess as to when the support will finally roll out. It's also unknown if this applies to all LG TVs that feature the Apple TV app and AirPlay 2 or only select models.

LG plans to bake the Apple TV app into the series UM7X and UM6X UHD television sets in February, while both the app and Apple TV+ will be made available on 2018 model year TVs later this year through an over-the-air firmware release.