Samsung botches 'Find My Mobile' test, sends users '1' notification worldwide

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A large number of Samsung smartphone owners around the world discovered a mysterious message on their devices overnight, a notification that the company admits was part of an internal test gone wrong.

On Thursday morning, a contingent of Samsung Galaxy smartphone users discovered a notification was sent to their devices by Samsung. The push notification, as part of the company's Find My Mobile system, displayed the short message of the number "1" on smartphone screens.

It is unclear how many users were affected by the mysterious message, but indications show it was sent to as many users as possible via the Samsung device relocation service. What is known is that it is not limited to just a single country, with users around the world advising on social media of the message's appearance on their devices.

Along with providing a single character as the entire message, tapping the notification did nothing, when usually the action would take users to the relevant app. In some cases, users claimed the Find My Mobile app used a considerable amount of battery, though again with no indication for why it occurred.

Samsung told Yonhap News the message was sent as part of an "internal test," the message has "no effect on the customer's smartphone," and that it is "sorry for the inconvenience."

A similar advisement was made on Samsung's support forums via a "care ambassador" for the company ahead of the statement's release, with the poster believing it was a test to prove that "services are working."


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