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Don't upgrade Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for iOS if you rely on WebDAV

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote make up the iWork Suite of apps

The latest iOS versions of Apple's iWork suite of apps will no longer upload to WebDAV servers, and instead must be saved locally, to iCloud, or another compatible service.

Apple has announced that its latest version 10.0 updates to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, has lost a significant feature. If people currently upload documents from these apps to a WebDAV server, perhaps because they run one for their business, they will have to find an alternative — and Apple just happens to provide one.

"After you update to Pages, Numbers, or Keynote 10.0, you won't be able to upload documents to a WebDAV server," says Apple in a new support document. "To make sure you don't lose any changes that haven't been uploaded, save any pending uploads to your device, iCloud, or another location."

This is specifically for the iOS versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. There is currently no equivalent support document for Macs, and in AppleInsider testing, uploading to WebDAV remains unchanged on macOS because it is a straightforward Finder mount. However, previous support documents that detailed using WebDAV for the Mac versions now route directly to generic user guides for the different apps.

While Apple does not give any reason for the change, it does follow the introduction of iCloud Drive Folder Sharing. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents that are in a common iCloud Drive folder are automatically able to be collaborated on with other users, and without having to be specifically selected and shared.

It won't be possible to upload new documents, but Apple says existing ones will remain on the WebDAV server. For documents that were in the process of being uploaded, Apple recommends using the apps' Save a Copy command, and choosing a new location.