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The best Mac utilities, more Zoom woes, and bemusing Quibi video, on the AppleInsider Podcast

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Hosts Stephen Robles and William Gallagher discuss some of their most beloved Mac utilities, updates to Zoom security, how Quibi has launched as a mobile-only video streaming platform, and also we offer some great book recommendations to read at home.

This week's AppleInsider Podcast hosts discuss some of their most-used Mac utilities, including Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, Text Expander, and many different clipboard managers.

Regarding Zoom, an update on the latest in the saga includes the US Senate and Google banning its use by government official and employees. New York City's Department of Education has also told its teachers not to use Zoom to communicate with students.

Also this week, Quibi, the new, short-form, mobile-only video streaming service, launched with no way to watch its content directly on the Apple TV or the web. While the unique platform has some interesting UI features, such as re-framing video when a device rotates from landscape to portrait, the service lacks stand-out content to keep us engaged.

William and Stephen also recommend a number of books to read during this stay-at-home period, covering Apple and Steve Jobs, along with other creative and business titles such as Creativity, Inc. , and Range.

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