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Apple hit with another lawsuit claiming iTunes music piracy

The lawsuit is only the latest in a string of complaints accusing Apple of being involved in music piracy.

A new lawsuit alleging that Apple is engaged in "flagrant" music piracy on iTunes was levied on Wednesday, following at least two identical cases lodged by the same entities.

The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, follows a series of similar lawsuits claiming that Apple is profiting from illegally reproduced copyrighted music being sold on iTunes, including one that was lodged on April 22.

This new suit names several plaintiffs who have filed past complaints against Apple, such as SA Music, The Harold Arlen Trust, Ray Henderson Music Company and Four Jays Music Company.

As in past complaints, the suit claims that Apple is selling musical compositions on iTunes that were illegally re-recorded from physical copies by music distribution companies without the proper mechanical licenses.

In this case, the lawsuit claims that Ideal Music and Genepool Distribution worked together to get pirated musical compositions into iTunes, saying that the two companies, along with Apple, are "jointly and severally liable as members of a distinct distribution chain."

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit together wrote hundreds of popular songs and jazz standards, including "Over the Rainbow" by Harold Arlen, "I Only Have Eyes for You" by Harry Warren, and "It All Depends on You" by Ray Henderson.

They're seeking damages and legal fees, as well as a permanent injunction on the defendants from infringing on the copyrighted material.