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Top-spec 13-inch MacBook Pros can handle 87W adapters, but benefits are limited

Though it won't allow for faster charging, an 87W power adapter could deliver a bit more power to 13-inch MacBook Pros during intense workloads.

Apple's higher-end 13-inch MacBook Pros are equipped to take advantage of 87W power adapters, though users won't see any charging speed benefits from the change.

New 13-inch MacBook Pro models with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and 10th-generation Intel processors carry a dual power input rating of 20.3 volts and 3 amps, and 20.2 volts and 4.3 amps. That technically means they're able to accept power from Apple's 87W adapter that shipped with last-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

Prior 13-inch MacBook Pro models, dating back to 2016, shipped with a 61-watt USB-C power adapter and support a draw rating of 20.3 volts and 3 amps. That has not changed on current low-end MacBook Pros, and Apple continues to include its 61W adapter with all 13-inch variants.

Sources told MacRumors that higher-end 13-inch MacBook Pro models won't be able to charge any faster, since internal charging settings are the same as previous generations.

However, some professional users may see a benefit with a higher-wattage adapter during demanding workloads. An 87W charger might also deliver a bit more headroom if, say, a CPU is maxed out while the MacBook Pro is connected to multiple external displays.

Users of the 13-inch MacBook Pro have long been able to safely charge using higher-watt adapters, though maximum charging speeds are capped at the machine level.