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Apple TV+ promotion tours 'For All Mankind's' lunar base

Interior of Jamestown Base.

Stoking interest in an expected second season of Apple TV+ original "For All Mankind," Apple on Wednesday shared a virtual tour of the show's fictional Jamestown lunar base.

Posted to the Apple TV+ YouTube page, the tour is conducted by former astronaut and "For All Mankind" technical advisor Garrett Reisman, who visited space as a crew member aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the International Space Station.

In the Apple series, Jamestown Base is America's first permanent outpost on the moon and serves as a hub for exploration and research. It sits in relatively close proximity to a base set up by Russia, which won the space race in "For All Mankind's" alternate reality universe.

Not a modern day imagining of a lunar dwelling, Jamestown "shows what a moon base could have looked like in the Apollo era," according to Reisman.

"It's as realistic as possible given the technology of the time," Reisman says.

The former NASA astronaut walks through Jamestown's floor plan and the show's set, from bunks to airlocks, pointing out small details viewers might have missed during the first season. Along the way, Reisman explains the routines astronauts like Edward Baldwin, played by Joel Kinnaman, would undertake on a daily basis and shows off the habitat's inner workings.

"For All Mankind" debuted as an Apple TV+ launch title in November. The show was renewed for a second season, though an air date has not been announced as production was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.