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Apple Pro Display XDR wins display of the year award

Apple's Pro Display XDR has earned Display of the Year at the Display Industry Awards, with glowing praise centered on its color accuracy.

The Society for Information Display (SID) announced the winners of its 26th Annual Display Industry Awards. The awards were given out in conjunction with SID's annual Display Week.

Apple has been given a Display of the Year award at this year's Display Industry awards for its Pro Display XDR.

SID judges had plenty of positive things to say about the display. They praised its high color accuracy, stating that the Pro Display XDR is "expertly calibrated at the factory to ensure billions of colors can be reproduced with exceptional accuracy."

They also praised it for its lower price entry point compared to traditional reference monitors.

"[W]ith OLED's rapid growth, the incumbent LCD technology continues to fight for footing by gaining new capabilities— as demonstrated by BOE's ultra-high definition (UHD) BD Cell and Apple's Pro Display XDR," said Wei Chen, chair of the DIA committee. "Both have achieved high-dynamic-range (HDR) display performance in LCD, each with their own unique approach; and Toray's SCO has the potential to enhance future LCD displays' performance."

The Pro Display XDR is Apple's first branded display since the cancellation of Thunderbolt Display in 2016, and launched alongside the new Mac Pro. It measures 32 inches on the diagonal and sports a 6K resolution of 6,016-by-3,384 pixels for a pixel density of 218 PPI.

Alongside Apple, BOE Technology received a Display of the Year award for its 65-Inch UHD BD Cell Display.