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Jason Sudeikis to reprise 'Ted Lasso' role for Apple TV+ show

Jason Sudeikis as 'Ted Lasso' for Apple TV+

Apple is bringing a new original comedy series Apple TV+ in August, with "Ted Lasso" starring Jason Sudeikis and featuring characters that previously appeared on NBC Sports.

Announced on Friday, the show "Ted Lasso" will focus on the character of the same name, played by Sudeikis. The character is the same one as used by NBC Sports in some of its commercials, with the series building upon the existing body of work for the fictional coach.

Originally a college football coach in Kansas, the show will depict Lasso's move from small-time coaching in the United States to coaching a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching the sport known as "football" in that country.

Sodeikis will be reprising his role as Lasso, as well as executive producing the show alongside Bill Lawrence via Doozer Productions, with associations with Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television. Jeff Ingold, also from Doozer, will also be an executive producer, with Lisa Katzer a co-executive producer.

Sudekis, Lawrence, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt are credited for developing the show from the pre-existing format and characters from NBC Sports.

Apple will premiere "Ted Lasso" on Apple TV on August 14.