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New Apple developer forums launch ahead of WWDC

The new Apple developer forums

As promised, Apple has launched the updated developer forums just in time for WWDC with a new design language, easier navigation, and wider permissions for more users to browse the content.

Apple announced the WWDC schedule and updates to the developer forums on June 11. The new forums launched on June 18 with a more modern design and new tagging system.

The developer forums have always existed as a place for developers to ask questions and get help from each other. The old design was centered around selecting a specific topic then diving into a list of previous discussions, much like how the Apple support website is designed.

Apple relies on crowdsourced users and mild moderation controls to manage the forums. Users did not always interact directly with Apple employees when getting help, and Apple emphasizes that even with the redesign.

The old forum design
The old forum design

Anyone visiting will see the latest topics right on the front page with the biggest topics listed on the right side. Registered developers with a paid account can post and interact anywhere within the forum. Tags can be used to designate specific posts with their topic and importance.

The full list of tags will be revealed by Apple on June 22, as many tags will relate to the announcements during the initial keynote presentation. Known tags include general WWDC discussion and special tags that can only be used by program members and challenge winners. When writing a new post, a tags section lets you search the available tags.

The tag system takes it a step further by not only grouping relevant posts together under a single tag, but also linking to specific Apple developer documentation when available.

Apple says anyone with an Apple ID can sign in and view the forums. However, only developers can actually interact with Apple engineers for help during WWDC.

WWDC 2020 marks the first-ever all-digital WWDC. The effects of the coronavirus is keeping Apple from hosting their normal live show, but the company is trying to offer all the same tools and experiences gained from an in-person event. The initial keynote will be streamed 1 PM PDT on Apple's website and developer portal.