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New leak reveals Apple 'AirTags' interface sounds in iOS 14

Apple's forthcoming AirTags will work alongside the Find Me feature in macOS and iOS

A leaker has posted a video showing the range of sounds that Apple's forthcoming "AirTags" will reportedly play in use, such as indicating when an AirTag is nearby.

More evidence has emerged that Apple's long-rumored "AirTags" are close to being released has come from a leaker who claims to have all of the audio files Apple has prepared for the device. They're shown in a video with different names for the various sounds, though only a few make their purpose clear, such as one for when a tag is nearby.

The video shows an array of sounds in what looks like a list of files with localized versions. Of the icons that leaker Soybeys clicks on to play, all are either .caf or .ahap files. The former is Core Audio Format, developed by Apple, which aims be a container for multiple sounds or types of sound.

Apple also created the latter format, the .ahap, which is the Apple Haptic and Audio Pattern file format. This suggests that alongside the sounds AirTags make in use, they may provide haptic feedback.

The existence of "AirTags" has previously been revealed in one of in Apple's own support videos, and it's possible that Apple may unveil them at WWDC. In the meantime, the developer of a similar system, Tile, has asked the European Union to investigate Apple's anti-competitive practice in creating the "AirTags."