New 'Behind the Mac' ad spot features Grammy winner James Blake

Credit: Apple

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The latest Apple "Behind the Mac" ad spot features Grammy award-winning artist James Blake at work in his L.A. home studio.

"Behind the Mac," which debuted in 2018, features a rotating lineup of creatives, artists and musicians using Mac products to get their work done.

In the latest installment of the ad campaign, Blake can be seen working on his latest track, "Are you even real," using Logic Pro X on his MacBook Pro. According to Apple, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist uses his Mac device to edit, pitch, loop, and layer his latest song.

Earlier in 2020, Apple shared a longer music-related Mac ad. That video, "The Art of Music Production," followed Grammy-nominated music producer Oak Felder as he recorded at various locations with his 16-inch MacBook Pro.