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Tim Cook responds to reader's Apple Watch ECG experience

Apple CEO Tim Cook has thanked an AppleInsider reader for telling him a story about how the Apple Watch ECG function detected a heart condition that a hospital didn't previously detect, with Cook saying the stories inspire Apple "to keep pushing forward."

In the email exchange provided to AppleInsider, reader Raymond thanks Cook for "bringing the Apple Watch to market." The evening before the message was sent, Raymond said he "felt strange," and used the ECG feature of his own Apple Watch and that of his wife's to double-check the readings.

After the Apple Watch pair revealed four detections of AFib, Raymond went to hospital to verify the situation. It turns out it was the same hospital that Raymond had visited in July after experiencing chest discomfort, but as he told AppleInsider, despite "a battery of tests and a catheter I was given the all clear."

In a further explanation of events, it was explained Raymond felt "a fluttering in my chest" and took "four separate readings," with the hospital later confirming it to be the case. In his prior visit to the hospital, his battery of tests included a cardiac angiogram and a stress test, but nothing appeared suggesting AFib at all.

"I will make sure all those I care about have an Apple Watch," ends Raymond's email to Cook.

Raymond admitted he wrote to Cook "fully not expecting a response," but received one anyway. Cook's response is brief, stating "I'm so glad you sought medical attention. Thanks for sharing your story with us - it inspires us to keep pushing forward."

The Apple Watch has been the subject of numerous stories where it has detected an ailment or saved someone's life. While many relate to the ECG function and high heart rate notifications, stories also cover the use of other features, including fall detection and using Siri to call for assistance.