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Apple reportedly in negotiations to expand New York City office location

11 Penn Plaza in New York.

Apple is currently in talks with its New York City landlord to expand the office space it has in the city.

Earlier in 2020, Apple leased 220,000 square feet of office space at the 11 Penn Plaza building in Midtown. Now, the company is looking to expand.

According to Business Insider, Apple is negotiating with its landlords to add about 60,000 square feet to its existing 11 Penn Plaza office. Reportedly, there are options in the building for more space.

The talks are ongoing and there is "nothing concrete," meaning Apple may not yet have decided on the amount of office space or whether it wants to expand at all.

The Cupertino company's expansion in New York would join a growing tech industry footprint in the city over the past few years. Google and Facebook are currently the city's fifth- and sixth-largest office tenants, respectively.

Apple, for its part, has long had a smaller presence in Manhattan — and the rumored 60,000 additional square feet is relatively modest among corporations of its size. Business Insider reports that Apple has been rumored to be ramping up its operations in Manhattan, however.