Eufy Smart Drop, vacation monitoring, and listener questions on HomeKit Insider

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For this week's episode of HomeKit Insider, Andrew talks about monitoring his home while on vacation, we touch on several app updates, and of course respond to more listener questions about HomeKit devices and troubleshooting.

Andrew skipped town last week, but while he was away, HomeKit allowed him to keep an eye on his home, his pets, and even his garden. He explains about how HomeKit and his devices meant he spend more time enjoying his vacation instead of worrying about home. And vacations are going to get even easier when Eufy brings out its new Smart Drop, a secure mailbox for all those Amazon deliveries you receive.

Also in the time since the last episode, we've had new HomeKit products launch, including a new hardware lock from Level that incorporates a touch-sensitive outer keyhole that makes it easy to control your door.

As well as hardware, there is also software and Stephen talks about beta testing the new Home+ app which is set to launch with iOS 14. Plus Eve has updated its HomeKit app with new camera features including an overview of all the HomeKit cameras in your home.

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