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Beats Flex wireless headphones launch for $49 with USB-C and W1 chip

Beats Flex in blue, black, yellow, and gray

Apple subsidiary Beats by Dre has launched a new low-cost set of wireless headphones, the $49 Beats Flex during Apple's "Hi, Speed" October event.

Beats Flex are an evolution of the previous Beats X headphones but now come at a new low price as well as improved sound, long battery life, and USB-C.

The earbuds are connected by a thin "Flex-Form" cable that rests behind your neck and connects wirelessly to your devices over Bluetooth. A sensor on the earbuds detects when they are in or our of your ears to automatically pause your content whenever they are removed.

Beats Flex cost $49
Beats Flex cost $49

With a full charge, now over USB-C instead of Lightning, Beats Flex will achieve 12 hours of use. The internals were optimized for better sound, as well as improved mic performance.

Apple also uses its signature W1 wireless chip for strong connectivity and other Apple-specific features such as seamless pairing across all your Apple devices.

They will be available starting October 23 in black, yellow, blue, and gray for $49.