New HomePod mini will allow users to control Pandora with Siri

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Music lovers will soon be able to use Siri to control Pandora on the new HomePod mini, enabling them to play their favorite podcasts and music with voice commands.

Apple announced the new HomePod mini, a budget-friendly version of their full-featured HomePod at their October 13, "Hi, Speed" event. During the event, Apple emphasized how the new smart speaker will soon work with a myriad of third-party apps, including Pandora.

Pandora, a popular music streaming service, will be able o be controlled with Siri voice queries that could include commands like "Hey Siri, play some relaxing music on Pandora."

Users will need to have the latest version of the Pandora app on their iPhone or iPad to take advantage of the new feature. They will also need to connect Pandora directly with the HomePod, which can be done through Pandora's app.

Additionally, users will be able to select Pandora as their preferred music service on HomePod, which would allow for simple voice commands like "Hey Siri, play Modest Mouse."

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