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YouTube app adds HDR for iPhone 12 lineup

YouTube's iOS app added high dynamic range video support for iPhone 12 lineup in the latest update pushed out on Monday.

The update, version 15.45.2, doesn't mention the addition of HDR in the changelog itself, but instead reads "Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe."

YouTube has supported HDR on iOS since the iPhone X, but requires regular updates to support new hardware. Compatible clips now show the letters "HDR" next to the resolution to denote the high dynamic range content. HDR options can be selected manually, but the Auto quality option will also enable HDR if available for the currently-viewed video.

Video quality options denoting HDR compatibility

HDR enables a wider range of colors in a video to be displayed on a compatible screen. The effect can allow for a brighter, detailed, and more vivid picture, with less color banding and other digital approximation artifacts.

The OLED displays used in certain iPhone models offer high contrast ratios, enabling it to view HDR content, both created by the onboard cameras and those downloaded or streamed to the device through online services.