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Apple donating Black Lives Matter murals on its Portland store

Apple plans to protect the Black Lives Matter murals painted on Apple Pioneer Place, and save it "for future donation."

Apple says that they will put protective plywood over the Black Lives Matter murals on the barricade around its Portland location, Apple Pioneer Place, according to a tweet by Mike Rogoway. The company will release details on long-term plans in early 2021.

On May 30, Apple Pioneer Place had its 30-foot tall windows smashed on all sides, only a few short days after the store reopened due to coronavirus-related shutdowns.

Portland, Oregon Apple Store smashed by protestors (via Nate)

To protect its property, Apple had placed a plywood barrier around the store. Emma Berger, also known as Flat Rabbit Studio, had painted portraits of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor on the barrier. Other community artists also added their own supportive works.