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Apple Watch users can take part in 2021's 'Ring in the New Year' challenge

The 'Ring in the New Year Challenge' medal for 2020 and 2021

Apple Watch users are now able to take part in the "Ring in the New Year Challenge," which will grant an award for people who close all their rings for seven days in a row.

A continuation from previous years, Apple offers a bonus challenge to Apple Watch owners for January, to try and encourage people to start the year healthily. Playing into the name "Ring in the New Year," participants have to "start 2021 off right" by completing all three of their Apple Watch rings each day for seven days straight.

The award is only granted if all three rings are closed successfully for seven consecutive days, without breaks. The week-long challenge can be completed any time in the month, but must be completed before the month's end to count.

Apple regularly offers the award at a time when many people will have made a resolution to lose weight or to get fit, with the fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch naturally able to assist on that front. For 2021, Apple's new Fitness+ subscription makes a reference to the limited edition award in its "This Week" video advising of new workouts and service changes.

The award, viewable on the Apple Watch and in the Fitness app for iOS, consists of the red, green, and blue rings in an arch, above the year "2021."