Helpful home Shortcuts, HomePod mini update, and more on HomeKit Insider

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On the first episode in 2021 of the HomeKit Insider podcast, we hit the most recent news ahead of CES 2021, answer some listener questions, and talk about some new home Shortcuts we've been using.

Since last week, HomePod mini was updated to support 18W battery packs and USB-C wall chargers, Eve launched another app update, and we got our hands on the Netatmo HomeKit video doorbell.

Stephen also talks about some recent projects he's been working on and Andrew talks through the install of his Assure Lever Lock on the AppleInsider production studio.

We also spent time discussing various Shortcuts. Stephen uses a few to control his home, including his home theater system. Andrew created a new one that automatically turns on his headboard light whenever his alarm is turned off.

Stay tuned for more!

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