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Cowin Audio's Apex Elite joined by splitting soundbar

Audio accessory producer Cowin Audio has used CES to launch three products, including the Apex Elite noise-canceling earbuds, the SE9 over-ear headphones with ANC, and the Cowin Soundbar that can split into a pair of stereo speakers.

Apex Elite wireless earphones

Taking on the AirPods Pro, the Apex Elite are compact in-ear wireless headphones, promising an ergonomic fit that remains comfortable all day long. While they sit inside the ear canal and are held in by the silicone tip, they are allegedly able to sit in place while a user exercises with the increased water resistance allowing it to cope with the rigors of a workout.

Cowin Apex Elite

Cowin has included its Professional Active Noise Cancelling technology in the Apex Elite, for music and podcast playback without hearing the outside world. They are supplied with a circular recharging case to store the earbuds and to top off the battery, which helps provide users with up to 30 hours of playtime in total.

Offered in five color options, the Apex Elite are available now from Cowin directly, priced at $89.99, and will be available on Amazon from March.

Cowin SE9
Cowin SE9

SE9 Bluetooth headphones

The SE9 are over-ear Bluetooth headphones continuing the SE lineup. For the latest iteration, Cowin has improved the Active Noise Cancelling technology it uses in the earphones to provide a choice of effectiveness, with a side button press used to suppress ambient noises.

The upgraded ear cushions are made from premium materials and use a lightweight construction around the ear itself. Foldable for storage in transit, the headphones also have an adjustable headband with a 90-degree rotatable axis, allowing it to ergonomically fit any user.

Arriving later in the first quarter, the Cowin SE9 over-ear headphones will cost $149.99.

Cowin Soundbar
Cowin Soundbar

Cowin Soundbar

The Cowin Soundbar is an unusual device for its party trick of being both a soundbar and stereo speakers. Using a split-sound design, the soundbar can function conventionally, but it can be converted into two tower speakers for more distinct left and right channels.

The design allows it to be hung on a wall as a single device, or to be split apart into speakers when needed, such as placed either side of a television for a home movie screening.

Offering 25 watts of output, it includes support for Bluetooth 4.2, so it can play audio from an iPhone or iPad as a Bluetooth speaker, with it also including typical AUX, optical, and HDMI connections for televisions and AV systems.

The Cowin Soundbar will cost $79.99 when it ships later in the first quarter.

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