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AT&T merging TV and TV Now into a single, non-contract service

Credit: AT&T

AT&T is sunsetting its AT&T TV Now video offering and merging it into the AT&T TV streaming platform, with it claiming that current users won't experience any disruptions.

The AT&T TV Now service was the telecom company's online streaming offering, while the AT&T TV service is a cable and satellite alternative that required users to have a dedicated streaming box.

As part of the merger of the two disparate platforms, AT&T is nixing the streaming box requirement. It's also getting rid of the mandatory contract that it required for AT&T TV service.

Going forward, that means users will pay a month-to-month fee for the AT&T TV platform. Current contracts will remain in effect until they expire, and those users will be moved to monthly payments. The company notes that users won't see any interruptions in service.

The base AT&T TV package starts at $70 per month and includes 20 hours of cloud DVR storage. AT&T notes that it has 20 more channels than the entry level AT&T TV Now plan. Users can also bump the cloud DVR storage to 500 hours for an additional $10 a month.

"We're bringing more value and simplicity by merging these two streaming services into a single AT&T TV experience. Customers can stream the best collection of live and on-demand programming on devices they already have, or they can get our exclusive AT&T TV STREAM Device to enjoy enhanced features and functionality," said Vince Torres, AT&T's senior vice president of marketing.