Apple now selling AirPods Max ear cushions separately

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Apple is now selling standalone AirPods Max ear cushions on its online store with an estimated delivery date within a couple of days.

Those looking to snag a replacement or additional pair of AirPods Max ear cushions will be able to buy a pair for $69, according to a new listing on the Apple web store.

While they're currently being touted as "coming soon," the delivery estimator shows a delivery date of January 29 at the earliest. As of publication, that's a two-day turnaround time.

It was recently reported that Apple wouldn't be covering the AirPods Max ear cushions under the Apple Care warranty. Should a user need to have their AirPods Max repaired, Apple instructs the user to remove the AirPods Max ear cushions before sending the unit in for repair.

AppleInsider recently reviewed the AirPods Max, noting that while they sounded great, the $550 price tag didn't quite live up to our expectations.