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Ohio State University opens Swift coding program to the public

Credit: Ohio State University

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Ohio State University is making a certificate program that teaches students to code and build App Store apps available to the public.

The Swift Coding and Apple Development Certificate Program features online and self-paced courses teaching students how to code in Swift and build apps for Apple's app marketplace. To date, more than 3,000 OSU students, faculty, and staff have enrolled in the program.

It initially launched in 2020 and previously only available to OSU students. Although the school had always intended to make the course public, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated OSU's plans to offer programs that could help people seeking new digital skills.

"This coding and app development certificate program allows anyone, regardless of their background or prior knowledge with coding, the opportunity to learn a tangible, applicable digital skill that will not only provide them immediate skills to utilize and explore, but also a foundation for future learning, innovation and creativity in the digital world," said Cory Tressler, OSU's director of learning programs.

In addition to Swift, the courses also center on Apple's development tool, Xcode. Once students have completed the program, they can use their schools to complete Apple's own App Development with Swift certification.

The first two courses in the program will cost $350 a piece, while the latter two courses will cost $450 each. Students will be able to sign up starting Wednesday, Feb. 10