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Man dives into freezing waters to rescue iPhone XS lost in Canadian harbor

Apple's iPhone XS

Onlookers filmed as a British Columbia man dove into freezing water to retrieve his iPhone XS, lost in Victoria Inner Harbor on Valentine's Day.

A man in freezing cold British Columbia stripped down to his boxers, walked over ice, and then jumped into Victoria's Inner Harbor after losing his iPhone XS there. Roman Czarnomski had been taking photos of the famous Empress Hotel in the early hours of Valentine's Day, when he dropped the phone.

The next day, Czarnomski returned to the harbor in order to retrieve the phone during low tide. As onlookers urged him on, saying they could see the phone, he tried dipping one foot into the water, and then decided to jump.

Under the icy water for just moments, he resurfaced with the iPhone XS in his hand. And then swan for shore.

"I dropped my phone the night before," Czarnomski told Victoria Buzz. "Then grabbed it the next day when the tide was low. It was refreshing."

Apple rates the iPhone XS as complying with the IP68 standard of water resistance, and rates it as being able to be submerged in 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This model survived an unknown greater depth for several hours — and reportedly still works.

"I had a feeling it would work," said Czarnomski. "I wasn't really sure though until it buzzed in my pocket when the guy who took the videos sent them to me after I got out."