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Apple launching curated 'Kids & Family' recommended podcasts

Credit: Apple

Apple is partnering with nonprofit parents' digital guide Common Sense Media, to showcase podcasts that are appropriately family-friendly.

Following its showcasing of "must-listen" podcasts, Apple is now creating a new way for parents and children to find age-appropriate podcast content. The "Kids & Family" collection will be curated by Common Sense Media, which currently offers families reviews and recommendations for all forms of digital media.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new curated list will feature podcasts by companies from Nickelodeon, WNYC Studios, American Public Media, and more.

"We are excited to launch this new experience with Apple Podcasts," Common Sense Media editor in chief, Jill Murphy, said. "This wonderfully curated collection of fun and engaging podcasts will help families take the guesswork out of finding shows that kids will love to listen to and provide a healthy alternative for entertainment time that everyone can enjoy."

"Kids & Family" will initially be available only in the US. At launch, it will feature four separate selections of assorted podcasts. They'll be grouped into categories called Common Sense Media Picks, and Kids Know Best.

Reportedly, the curated list will be updated monthly. It is to focus on content from the existing quarter of a million Apple Podcasts, and Apple is not yet producing new material specifically for it.