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Disney MagicMobile enables park passes & more on iPhone Apple Wallet

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Disney fans will soon be able to use their iPhone for all their favorite MagicBand services by adding the MagicMobile service to their Apple Wallet.

Disney's MagicBand, launched in 2013, is a wearable RFID-enabled bracelet that Disney World Resort uses for the MyMagic+ experience. The wearables hold user data, including park tickets, hotel room keys, FastPass ride reservations, payment information, coupons, and more.

Soon, Disney will allow users to use their iPhone to do the same, with a new feature dubbed Disney MagicMobile pass.

Users who download the My Disney Experience app will be able to generate a MagicMobile pass which users can add to their Apple Wallet. Once added, users will be able to use their iPhone and Apple Watch to access all the same features of the Disney MagicBand.

The service will eventually land on Android, but Disney has chosen to roll the feature out to Apple devices first.

It isn't clear if the iPhone will need to be unlocked to use the features, or if the feature will migrate to the Apple Watch. Mass transit can use an "Express" mode, which just requires users of a newer phone to tap on a RFID receiver to authenticate payment or stored passes.

Also not yet clear is if the implementation on the iPhone will be readable at range. Disney uses the MagicBand to link photos taken on the ride with the user, with the scan taking place at some range from the wearer on newer rides.

Beyond iPhone cases available in the parks and on the assorted Disney web retail venues, the company is preparing to launch a second round of Apple accessories in collaboration with Casetify on March 18. The products include new iPhone cases, AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, wireless chargers, and Apple Watch bands.

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